$75.00 USD

Building a Digital Ministry - Individual Registration

The people in our communities are more digitally connected than ever before, but church engagement seems lower than it ever has. 

So, if we are going to reach the people in our communities and continue to make disciples, it just makes sense that we would leverage digital platforms to connect with people. 

But we all know that digital ministry is complicated and often exhausting. 

We know there’s more to it than just streaming services and posting on social media. But where do we start?

That’s why in this course, you will learn how to . . .

  • Reach more people with your online content,
  • Leverage multiple digital platforms to engage your community, 
  • Develop a digital discipleship strategy that can help your ministries grow. 

What you'll get:

    • 2.5+ hours of course videos broken into short, engaging videos packed with practical how-to’s and strategy. 
    • An INTERACTIVE WORKBOOK full of actionable assignments to help you write and check off your to-do list. 
    • Practical resources such as editable PDFs, downloadable images, and guides to help you implement these new ideas right away. 

Join Dave Adamson, one of the world's first online pastors, as he shares expert insight and practical steps you can take to effectively reach more people and make disciples through leveraging digital platforms.